Assignment 2 Posted

I know you guys have been eager to see the next assignment. Here it goes – assignment 2 is posted. The deadline is still 2 weeks. This assignment involves Linux kernel hacking and hands-on experience with LSM modules. I was thinking about the kernel module approach then I realized that you guys would miss a good opportunity to do some real kernel hacking. Meanwhile, I also consider the fact that it might be your first time hacking the Linux kernel. There are 3 different parts within this assignment, each of which is built upon on each other. The bottom line is I hope everyone can get the 1st part done to get the 50% points. If you push harder (or want more fun), the 2nd part is definitely doable as well. The 3rd part will also be within your research once you have finished the first two parts.

It is possible that this assignment will be our last one (I hope now and I am still planning for another one involving Intel SGX and ARM TrustZone). If that is the case, I will make sure these two assignments take enough portion of points in the final grading.

Remember: if you get stuck somewhere, use google, find friends, talk with your classmates, or even ask questions in/out-side the class. Linux kernel hacking is not rocket science but it definitely takes some time to get started if it is totally new to you. Start this assignment ASAP if possible.

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