Midterm this Wed (10/30)


Let’s have our “midterm” this Wed (10/30) before ghosts start to haunt. Everyone should have 15 min in total: 10~12 min presentations about your final project + 3~5 min Q&A. I will give a score based on the “technical merit” of the final project, the quality of your presentation, and your progress of the final project.

For the presentation, you could consider including slides for the technical area, the problem that you are trying to solve, the security model of your approach (again, what is a security model?), your methodology, design, implementation, evaluation, progress, and etc. Make sure you are able to make your audience understand how cool your final project is while demonstrating enough technical depth.

For the presentation, you could use the machine in our classroom, bring your own laptop, or even use my laptop (please let me know ahead of time if this is the case). Look forward to seeing cool projects from you guys~

Assignment-1 Graded

I’ve finished the grading for Assignment-1 on Blackboard. I assume you could see your score within the system now. If your score does not look right, please let me know. Happy Oct break!

In later Oct or early Nov, we will have our midterms. At this point, everyone should have started their final project and have some progress to report. I’m looking forward to hearing about these cool projects!