Midterm this Wed (10/30)


Let’s have our “midterm” this Wed (10/30) before ghosts start to haunt. Everyone should have 15 min in total: 10~12 min presentations about your final project + 3~5 min Q&A. I will give a score based on the “technical merit” of the final project, the quality of your presentation, and your progress of the final project.

For the presentation, you could consider including slides for the technical area, the problem that you are trying to solve, the security model of your approach (again, what is a security model?), your methodology, design, implementation, evaluation, progress, and etc. Make sure you are able to make your audience understand how cool your final project is while demonstrating enough technical depth.

For the presentation, you could use the machine in our classroom, bring your own laptop, or even use my laptop (please let me know ahead of time if this is the case). Look forward to seeing cool projects from you guys~

Android Security and TEE

As mentioned, I will be traveling for the whole week next week. Prof. Antonio Bianchi will give a guest lecture on Android security model (e.g., Permission model) on Mon. Please be there and have fun. You could find more fun if you apply the things we have learned so far (e.g., Reference monitor concept) to Android security.

For the class on Wed, there is no need to show up in the class. Instead, please watch an awesome talk from Uncle Ahmad on TEE. Assignment 3 will be some TEE hands-on involving both Intel SGX and ARM TrustZone. Happy weekend~

About planned studies

Good morning,

I was asked if this course could be added into “planned studies” for Ph.D. students after our first class yesterday. Here is a quick update: we are working on it now. By “we”, I mean some staffs within the department and myself. I am hoping to get it approved soon, e.g, within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, there is a caveat: for a better chance to get this course approved, I will need to add a midterm exam:( Nevertheless, I do not think this newly added will change my intention for this course, which is learning things while having fun. Let me know if you have other concerns. See you guys tomorrow~


Hello World!

Hello there,

Welcome to CS 59000-OSS, a system security course focusing on operating system security. We will use this blog as our “Piazza”. One reason why I decided to use blog is to keep our discussion records while maintaining the interaction provided by other systems and taking full control. Please “Follow” this blog to get updates delivered whenever I have a new blog post about sth. Feel free to leave comments anytime and I will try to respond timely.

Oh, one more thing. I am still trying to finalize the syllabus. Will add more papers as we move forward during this course. That’s it! Welcome again and see you soon~